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Here at Best Float Valve, we aim for excellence on every level from our store to your farm. We consider time, money, and materials invaluable. We know that you are working hard to maximize your impact and do what only you can do. Our aim is to come alongside and bring you quality products to serve you and your livestock.
We believe that our Float Valves are the best on the market, and our customers will line up to agree. They are an investment that will allow you to pour your time and resources into other places, confident that your water flow is taken care of.
Best Float Valves are the simplest, most durable valves available. Our hot dipped, galvanized steel valves work well in every type of stock tank or water trough. They are versatile, full-flow, and clog-resistant valves. They work at pressures from less than 5psi up to 90psi standard, and up to 165 psi with options. Our aluminum floats are virtually indestructible. Our high volume valve is ideal for pond siphons. 
When necessary, washers are easily replaced. All parts are individually replaceable in the field, though you will find them incredibly long-lasting.
Best Float Valves are American made.
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