Water Trough Float Valve Kits

Best Float Valves would love to help solve watering problems you are having with your farm or dairy tanks!! No matter the type of water, water pressure, or the material of your tank, we offer the best water trough float valves on the market. 

Our hot-dipped galvanized valves, also known as Watson Valves, can be plumbed from the bottom or mounted from the side with one of our kits in tire, concrete, steel, or poly tanks. Our stainless steel additions help them perform exceptionally well even in sulfur water. Our pipe fitting sizes range from 3/4" to 1 1 1/2". All work well with gravity feed. 

Our floats are made of heavy gauge aluminum and have welded seams and offer superior shut off power. 

We offer standard kits, premium kits, high volume/low-pressure valve kits, high-pressure kits, stainless steel kits, air gap kits, and electric float switch kits. 

We have bleeders for constant flow and ice preventers as well that can be added to any ported valve. We have tire tank mounts for tire tanks that aren't plumbed from the bottom of the tire tank, and we have 3 sizes of side mount kits for other types of water troughs. 

Typically, a case will include 10 valves and 10 6x12” floats or 8 valves and 8 8x12” floats.

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