Float Valve Mount Kits

Our Best Float stock tank float valve mounting kits will work with tire, wood, steel, fiberglass, poly, and concrete tanks. All of our mounting kits for float valves are durable and long-lasting. Whether they are plumbed from the bottom, the side, or the top of the tank, Best Float Valves can work with you!

The Tire Tank Kit screws into the side of the tire tank and can be used in other tank types as well. Order a complete kit with float and valve here.

Our Side Mount Kit allows for fast filling of your stock tank (except tire tank) with a standard garden hose for lips up to 7". Order a complete kit with float and valve here. (We don't recommend these for fiberglass tanks, but we can help you mount them from the side if you need it.)

Our High-Volume Side Mount Kits attach to our 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" high volume/low pressure valves. Order a complete kit with float and valve here

Our Riser Kits are used for mounting Best Float Valves to the bottom of steel and poly stock tanks. These will attach to almost all of our valves. 

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