Float Valve Kit (Pigtail Rod Premium)

  • $123.00

Our Premium Pigtail Float Valve will manage flow in almost any system with up to 125 p.s.i. Our pan floats with pigtail rods work really well if you need more precision in your water level than our 1” chain links provide. 

  • Valve with stainless steel seat
  • Heavy gauge aluminum pan float with pigtail rod and lock collar

Water Pressure:

 Pan float Size

Standard valve PSI max

HiVol valve PSI max

8" x 4" 

60 psi

20 psi

12" x 4" 

125 psi

45 psi

    • Hot-dip galvanized steel 18" lever and body
    • Up to 125 p.s.i.
    • Stainless steel valve seat
    • Replaceable EPDM rubber washer
    • No binding parts
    • Made in the USA


    • 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", or 1 1/2" pipe fitting
    • 8x4" or 12x4" pan float with pigtail rod
    • They can be ordered ported and paired with our Micro Sweeper Ice Preventer!
    • They can also be ordered with bleeder valves for continuous flow. 
    • If you may want to use an ice prevention method later, go ahead and order it ported and plugged just in case. 
    • If you would like a bent or a 90° lever, email shannon@bestfloatvalve.com for help to add that to your order. With the 90, a deflector cap is recommended.

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