Micro Sweeper Water Trough Ice Preventer

  • $82.00

We want to help you freeze-proof your water troughs. The Micro Sweeper can be plumbed in any type of livestock water tank and will attach to any of our ported valves. 

Check out our float valve kits here. If you just need new nozzles, click here. 


  • Point them up to stir the water at the surface of the tank.
  • No maintenance.
  • No electricity.
  • No adjustment, EVER.
  • Fast and dependable operation – uses the least amount of water possible.
  • Failsafe operation.
  • Precision manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Made in the USA – 100% tested at the factory.
  • The threads can be used as 1/4" or 1/8". 

Options- Nozzle Sizes:

  • Small .040- 10GPH
  • Medium .063- 30GPH
  • Large .080- 60GPH (original)
  • We recommend starting with the smaller nozzle because it conserves more water and moving up if necessary.
    How it works:

    In operation, the Micro Sweeper™ turns on at 41℉ and turns off at 42℉. It is a thermal sensing valve that is constantly in contact with the water and “intermittently” releases enough pressurized water through the nozzle to prevent surface ice, as the water temperature dictates. No more – no less.

    Compared to Other Solutions:

    • Constant flow will …
      • Waste massive amounts of water
      • May cause retention ponds to overflow
    • Electric Heating is …
      • Expensive
      • High Maintenance
      • Dangerous
    • Insulation or Super Insulation is…
      • Dependent on the frequency of livestock drinking
      • Sensitive to the duration of cold weather

    The two tanks in the same picture are both at 18℉ in Virginia. The first tank does not have the Micro Sweeper, and the second one does. 

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