Natural Blast Pond & Cattle Water Trough Cleaner (2,500-125,000 Gallons)

  • $16.99

Our natural blast pond and cattle water trough cleaner will treat 2,500-125,000 gallons. 

Natural Blast® is a beneficial bacteria that when introduced into your pond reduces excess nutrients and breaks down organic matter that clouds water.

It works across the entire water column to treat common water problems that cause clarity, quality, and severe odor issues. This all-natural product advances the decomposition of floating and suspended green organic matter and restores the health of your stock tank, fountain, aquarium, or pond.

This is a wonderful product for stock tank defense and for cattle water trough cleaning. The patented time-release system is designed to deliver a proprietary blend of natural bacteria and enzymes into the water continuously, over a 30-day period, to consume excess nutrients and eliminate odor.

Tip: We recommend that you use Natural Blast in conjunction with the Aquasphere Pro.

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