Float (Stock Tank Barrel Floats)

  • $35.50

We have multiple options for stock tank floats. The tube or barrel floats are welded of heavy gauge aluminum and come with a 12" chain. The rounded design makes them more difficult for animals to bite into. 

Each float is cut, formed, and welded with pride at the plant in Nebraska. Each one is pressured tested to assure they do not leak. 

Sizes and pressures for barrel floats: 

  • 6"x6" at 170in³- recommended up to 45 p.s.i.
  • 6"x12" at 339in³ (standard)- recommended up to 90 p.s.i.
  • 8"x12" at 600in³ (high volume)- recommended up to 60 p.s.i.


  • Zinc or Stainless Steel Float Chain. For anything other than soft water, we recommend the Stainless Steel chain.
  • If your water is highly corrosive, we can add foam filling. Even if the float pits, it will still float. 

Other float options:

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