Floats (Pan Floats with Pigtail Rods)

  • $69.00

Our pan floats with pigtail rods work really well if you need more precision than our 1” chain links. 

These stock tank floats are made of heavy gauge aluminum with welded seams. Each float is cut, formed, and welded with pride at the plant in Nebraska. Each is pressure tested to assure there will be no leakage. 


  • 8" or 12" pan float with 3/8" center tube
  • 1/4" x 15" pigtail rod with aluminum lock collar

Water Pressure:

 Pan float Size

Standard valve PSI max

HiVol valve PSI max

8" x 4" 

60 psi

20 psi

12" x 4" 

125 psi

45 psi

Pairs with:

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