Get your livestock tanks winter-ready!

Get your livestock tanks winter-ready!

Dealing with stock tank ice can be an enormously time-consuming job. I have talked to customers who have spent hours a day dealing with it (including travel to the tanks). Many are so tired of having to mess with it and have tried lots of options. 

With Best Float Valves, we have two powerful options that attach to our valves to help eliminate ice, or at least keep big portions of your tanks open. Both options can be attached to any of our ported valves, and I have some customers that attach them to different kinds of valves. 

If you are in need of stock tank float valves that are durable and dependable but you aren't sure if you need ice prevention, you can order almost all of our valves ported and plugged. 

For those who ordered their Best Float Valves ported and plugged to spread out the cost, this is your friendly reminder to get your Micro Sweepers or Bleeder Valves and install them before the ice comes creeping in!

Our Micro Sweepers screw into the port and have a thermal-sensing mechanism inside and shoot water toward the top of the tank when the temperature drops below 41°. This will continue until the tank temperature comes back up to 42°. We have three sizes of nozzles that allow flow from 10-60 GPH. We recommend starting with the smallest size first and sizing up if necessary. Once they are installed, they do not need any maintenance. They turn themselves off and on. Customers rave that Micro Sweepers save their arms. We are thrilled about that. 

Best Float Valve Micro Sweeper Review

Our Bleeder Valves screw into the same port and provide continuous flow. Some call this a petcock valve. They are a more economical option than the Micro Sweeper, but they need to be turned off and on. Some prefer this. We are here whatever your preference. 

Best Float Bleeder Valve Review

Our third option is our Best Float Valve Freeze Miser for outdoor faucets or for tanks that are plumbed on top. This can be installed on a y-hose adapter, and as the temperature outside drops below 37°, it will drip warm water into the tank or out of the faucet to help keep things from freezing!

Best Float Valve Freeze Miser Review

Freeze Miser on a tankfreeze miser on a tank

If you are looking for help with ice in your stock tanks, we are here for you! Call us or email us today. We will get you winter-ready!



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