Updated Micro Sweeper!

We want to help you freeze-proof your water troughs. The Micro Sweeper can be plumbed in any type of livestock water tank and will attach to any o...

What's So Great About the Micro Sweeper?

Give me the gift of two minutes, and I'll tell you how one product can change your life if you live in a place where ice, snow, and freezing temper...

Winter Tank with Best Float Valve

What's your favorite thing to do on the farm in winter? I would bet a sizable sum that breaking the ice in stock tanks for your livestock to keep d...

Got Ice? The Micro Sweeper Can Help!

We have been looking for a product that will help keep stock tanks open for years, and we found it in Micro Sweeper Ice Preventer.  Our product standards for quality, durability, and simplicity are very high. The Micro Sweeper rates at the top in all of these categories! We have talked to customers from Virginia to Wyoming, and they have sung the praises of this incredible product. 

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