Updated Micro Sweeper!

Updated Micro Sweeper!

We want to help you freeze-proof your water troughs. The Micro Sweeper can be plumbed in any type of livestock water tank and will attach to any of our ported valves. It has 1/4" MPT or 1/8" FPT on the end. 

We have customers who use other valves with the Micro Sweeper as well.  

If you are looking for a complete assembly, check out our float valve kits here. Just order the valve ported and then add the Micro Sweeper upon checkout. 

We had customers who wanted to conserve a bit more water than the large nozzle offers, so we added some options. The nozzles all attach in the same place. If you just need replacement nozzles, click here

Options- Nozzle Sizes:

  • Small .040- 10GPH
  • Medium .063- 30GPH
  • Large .080- 60GPH (original)

We recommend starting with the smaller nozzle because it conserves more water and moving up if necessary.

    Get your Micro Sweeper today! Here's a video about it:

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