Must-Have Farm Feeding Equipment for Your Livestock

Must-Have Farm Feeding Equipment for Your Livestock

If you’re just starting out in the livestock business, the number of items your mentors and fellow farmers have might overwhelm you. In the beginning, you won’t need too many items, as you can still rely on yourself to do things by hand when the need arises. When you start to expand, however, you may find that you need more equipment to stay on top of feeding and watering your animals. These are a few of the must-have pieces of feeding equipment for your livestock that you’ll want to focus on in your first farming season.

Pasture Feeder

If you’re trying to feed your animals without a feeder, you may run into several problems. You want to ensure that your livestock can access their food equally. You also need to keep an eye on your feeder setup to monitor eating habits and food waste.

A pasture feeder can help with both of these problems. Pasture feeders remain easily accessible for your specific animals, and most come with feed pans that help to catch anything that falls, reducing your total amount of waste.

Feed Carts

No matter what you’re feeding your livestock, it’s going to be heavy. After all, a livestock farm doesn’t deal in small amounts of food. You’ll need something to help you move your hay, seed, or whatever else you choose to use as feed around the farm.

A feed cart can be a lifesaver for a farmer who works independently or with limited help. Feed carts help you move your livestock’s food to where it needs to be without breaking your back in the process.

Feed Silos

One piece of must-have feeding equipment for your livestock as you start to scale up to greater heights is a feed silo. When the number of animals you have starts to rise, you can no longer afford to buy food in small quantities. This means you’ll need a feed storage solution to house your bulk amounts of food. Silos make it easy to store and dispense food to your livestock in much larger quantities than you would be able to handle on your own.

Durable Stock Tank

While it may not relate to food, you can’t expect your livestock to eat without having a place to drink as well. Stock tanks are crucial for a livestock farm, and you need to make sure that you have an option that withstands the conditions on your farm.

Water is prone to absorbing harmful contaminants, so it’s essential you pick a stock tank that’s resistant to corrosion. A water tank float valve from Best Float Valves also goes a long way toward protecting the quality of the water that you serve up to your livestock. We can help you keep your animals happy and healthy with high-quality drinking water. Contact us today to learn how a float valve can make your life as a farmer that much easier.

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