Got Stock Tank Ice? The Micro Sweeper Can Help!

Got Stock Tank Ice? The Micro Sweeper Can Help!

Have you ever looked outside in the middle of winter and cringed at thought of dealing with the ice again? I know I'm not the only one who wanted to curl up and stay inside. I lived in the Midwest for 15 years, and the winters were brutal. The last winter when my car door froze shut, I hit my breaking point. Now I joyfully deal with the heat of one of the warmest cities in the country. I'll take the heat any day!

While I know that not everyone shares my predisposition for cold, I am aware that breaking the ice in livestock tanks is not high on anyone's list of favorites. We have been looking for a product that will help keep stock tanks open for years, and we found it in Micro Sweeper Ice Preventer. 

Best Float Valve's product standards for quality, durability, and simplicity are very high. The Micro Sweeper rates at the top in all of these categories! We have talked to customers from Virginia to Wyoming, and they have sung the praises of the Micro Sweeper. 

It can be added to any of our various ported float valve kits. In operation, the Micro Sweeper™ turns on at 41℉ and turns off at 42℉. It is a thermal sensing valve that is constantly in contact with the water and “intermittently” releases enough pressurized water to prevent surface ice, as the water temperature dictates. No more – no less. It will conserve considerably more water than the continuous flow systems!

The Micro Sweeper™ can be plumbed in any type of waterer, no matter how it was originally equipped. It requires no maintenance, no electricity, and no adjustment, EVER.

This picture is from an 18° day in Virginia- one tank with the Micro Sweeper, and one tank without. 

Micro Sweeper in action

The installation is easy and quick into the port drilled into our valves. If you already have a best float valve system installed, you can simply order a ported valve body to replace the one you have and the Micro Sweeper can pair with it.

The patented design uses the least amount of water possible to prevent ice development. It is fast and efficient, the cost is low, and the life is long. 

The quality manufacturing ensures reliability. They are individually tested in the field and have been used for more than ten years!

We love water. We are all about water conservation, and this product helps that! We know your animals need it, and we know you want to keep it flowing for them!

What would your life be like without paying to heat your water? Or swinging that ax to break it up? What if you could roll on past your tanks, knowing that water was good, and your herds were taken care of? 

Our goal for our store is to provide lasting, quality products to free up your time and resources to do check off the other batch of things on your list that needs to be done. From tanks to ice prevention to algae control and keeping the water level in between, let Best Float Valve serve you today!

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