100 Wells for 100 Villages

100 Wells for 100 Villages

Hi, I'm Shannon. If you know me at all, you know that I love Jesus, people, travel, and water. I've been all over the world and have seen beautiful and heart-breaking things on multiple continents. Today I'm going to share about something that gripped me when I spent four months on the continent of Africa.

A dream about water was birthed in my heart in a bit of a shocking way. My history of thinking about water was not extensive, to say the least. When I was climbing mountains in Colorado, we had to filter the water from the streams to keep from getting giardia. When I was in Brazil, we used bottled water always, even to brush our teeth. Except for gagging on sulfur water at a couple of retreats, I have had the privilege of clean water for my entire life. If I ever go back there, I'll be more prepared by bringing my own water. I didn't realize that even being able to take that precaution was a luxury. 

I honestly never knew the hardship that many people go through to get water that is even still infested with parasites, leeches, bacteria, and other wretched things.

In multiple places in Africa, I was shocked to see a water crisis in front of my eyes. Everywhere we went, little ones would come up with mouths open, begging us to pour water in. They were thirsty, and I didn’t have enough for all of them. It wrenched my heart to see it. 

On one outreach in the bush bush, the team led multiple people into relationship with Jesus. As the village wasn’t anywhere near the water, we baptized them with water from plastic jugs. I later learned that children had walked hours for that water. Many children end up walking as much as six hours a day to get water for their families and because of that, do not have the privilege of attending school.

What if your children, nieces, nephews, or friends were walking for water every day instead of attending school? Their little backs are daily bent over with heavy jars and jugs for hours, and the task is never-ending.

I was captured by the reality that one well can change the trajectory of an entire village. One well can free up children to go to school, parents to grow food and set up small businesses, and exponentially affect the health of a whole people!

My dream is to fund 100 wells for 100 villages. I would love to invite you to partner with me to fund the first well (of many). The cost for one well is $7,500. Every dollar donated here will go to Iris Ministries as they have the drilling equipment, connections, and the local people to drill and maintain the wells. I have been to the villages where wells have been dug, and it actually does change everything. 

Mozi Village Well

Consider partnering with me to give clean water and hope for a different future to 100 villages in Africa. Help me change the lives of 100 villages by donating here!

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