Best Float Valve High Pressure Kits

Best Float Valve High Pressure Kits

We can handle the pressure! 

High water pressure can be incredibly difficult to manage, and finding durable products can be challenging. We have a new kit to introduce- our High-Pressure Float Valve Kit! We are here to offer you something that you will be able to install and no longer worry about!

Our goal at Best Float Valve is to provide lasting water solutions that need minimal upkeep. If we can help eliminate some of your frustration and solve your problems, we are excited to do it! We love feedback and do our best to incorporate what we receive. 

We have talked to a couple of people recently who tried our Standard Kits that handle up to 90 psi with our barrel floats. They found that their pressure was higher than they had initially calculated. So, we created a kit that will take care of much higher pressures!

Our High-Pressure kits come with our regular valve and our pan float. The valve is available with 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2" pipe fittings. These kits come in our Premium Version. For the extra wear that comes with the high pressure, upgrading to the premium will help assure the longest life possible for your float valve kit. The Premium Kit offers a stainless steel seat on the valve and a stainless steel chain on the float. 

We offer our pan float as the strongest solution for superior shut-off power. Our 12"x4" pan float will regulate most applications up to 120 psi, and our 12"x6" pan floats will regulate up to 180 psi. An added bonus to the pan float is the ability to adjust the water level from the top of the tank, rather than the bottom. They are made of heavy-gauge aluminum and have welded seams. They will not corrode. 

Our kits will perform well in any type of tank- tire tanks, poly, steel, and concrete tanks. They can be plumbed from the top, side, or bottom of the tank. We have mount kits to attach to any type of tank. Little-to-no maintenance is needed. Some people replace their washers every 6 months, and some go 3-5 years without needing to change them. Ordering some extra washers with your kit is a great idea so that you have them on hand when necessary. 

For more extreme climates, check out our MicroSweeper or the Bleeder ValveExtension Kits in our products section. These products can be added to any ported valve.

If you have extremely corrosive water, our Supreme Kits upgrade our valves to the stainless steel. 

Contact us today if you have questions. 

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