Best Float Valve Reviews

Best Float Valve Reviews

What are customers saying about their float valves?

Best Float Valve is committed to connecting with customers about their stock tank float valve experience. We love hearing how our valves, livestock tank ice preventers, and algae control products are working for them! 

What I hear the most consistently is that our customers wish they would have found us sooner. Many of them spent lots of money and time replacing products that weren't a good fit for their situations. Our products are simple, durable, reliable, and require little to no maintenance for YEARS at a time. 

While I can rave about our valves all day long, I wanted to take a moment to let you hear what others are saying about them!

A farmer I spoke with just last week said that he used to have to replace his valves every 6 months due to wear and sulfur water. After installing 10 kits in 2015, he has only replaced a few washers in over four years!!!! He said he couldn't be happier with what our valves have done for him!

Josh says, "Have been looking for the most cost-efficient float valve kit for awhile for tire tanks and concrete tanks. These floats are easy to install and very dependable low maintenance. Best Float Valve is the ticket and the only valve I’ll use."

Eric says, "I've had two of these valves installed for 5+ years and have had no problems with either of them. They provide a reliable water source year-round for watering livestock. I would definitely recommend this product."

Frank says, "Easy installation, excellent float valve, installed it on my ranch, do not have to worry about my Beef Herd to go thirsty. The trough fills up in no time."

Douglas says, "I installed a stainless steel best float valve 2 years ago, it was a little costly but now it's well worth the money. I have installed another best float valve since and will install more when we add new water troughs. I also sell concrete water troughs, I show and recommend the best float valves. Once you try one you will enjoy the service and little to no maintenance."

David says, "I've been using these floats on some of my stock tanks for 2 years now, and am convinced they are the best kind I have ever had. I am switching all my tanks to these now. The company is a pleasure to deal with, and the price is very fair I think."

Brent says, “Very simple and dependable. The bleeder valve allows me to have a bypass to keep water from freezing without having to plumb in another 3/4" valve giving me fewer parts to break. In addition, I can move the surface of the water in the tank with very little water from the pressured line.”

Art used ordered our standard kits with bent arms and said they were working great (since March of 2017) and doing exactly what he needed them to do!

Mark said that "he was thrilled to death with them."

Dean, of our dealers, says, "The valves are foolproof, as far as I'm concerned."

Donald, who has been farming for decades, tells all of us friends and neighbors about our valves and says they are the best he has ever seen.

Those are just a few of the comments that I have of customers raving out our products! We want to hear your reviews as well!
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