Clean Water for Them, Easy and Cost-Effective for You

Clean Water for Them, Easy and Cost-Effective for You

Have you ever taken a swig of what you thought was going to be cold and clean water and been severely disappointed? Yeah, me too.  I may or may not have spit it out on occasion, especially when it was full of sulfur. While spending months in other countries where you can't drink the water without severe repercussions, I became more grateful for our country than ever before!

Water affects our entire lives, and I read recently that clean water is the most essential ingredient for livestock health. Water intake for dry beef cows is around 1-1½ gals./100 lbs. of body weight and this estimate can double for cows nursing calves. The better the water is, the more they will drink. The more they drink, the healthier they will be. That sounds like us!

Algae Control & Water Cleaning

At Best Float Valve, we are concerned about water and resources. We want to help keep your water flowing, prevent waste of water, and to give you products that will last and not need continual maintenance. We also want to help you keep your water clean.

Bioverse has been the company that has impressed us the most. They promise safe, all natural, and easy ways to solve water issues. Their products are safe for animals, fish, and humans. We say yes to that!! The healthy ponds products use bacteria and enzymes found in nature rather than chemicals.

I live in California, and while my state has some interesting issues, one positive influence on me has been on my health and awareness of the waste I contribute to our planet. While I know that there are wide varieties of opinions on these issues, the fact that the products are biodegradable and reusable is imperative for me.

Small lakes, stock tanks, ponds, aquariums, fountains, and rain barrels are all sources that can be treated with our all-natural products! They are safe for animals, fish, and people. Our all-purpose water cleaner will treat anywhere from one gallon up to two million gallons of water! We have reloadable time-released dispensers that are biodegradable that carry 30 days of treatment at a time. We also have supplements to increase the good bacteria in water and colorants to help keep the water cooler and to limit the penetration of the sun! 

Some things to consider for water treatment: 

We recommend using the three steps for optimum water health and clarity- the dispensers, the supplements, and the colorants.

The most frequent issue for water treatment is underestimating the volume of the pond which results in under-dosing. To calculate pond volume in gallons, multiply length x width x average depth x 7.5.

When you order, the AquaSphere®PRO is not meant to be opened. It acts as an “incubator” for the bacteria contained in the packet inside the sphere and is essential to successful treatment.

Natural Blast® is wonderful as an add on to our AquaSphere®PRO. It is released every 7 days on an “as needed” basis. Natural Blast® is our strongest formulation and disperses throughout the entire body of water when added to the pond.

The blue colorant looks like the ocean, and the black colorant offers a more reflective surface. Again, this will help with sunlight penetration and help keep the water cool. 

If you have questions, we would love to help you! Please let us know! 







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