No More Freezing Faucets or Stock Tanks!

No More Freezing Faucets or Stock Tanks!

The temperatures are dropping! We have even had snow in California!

I would imagine that many of you don't live in areas where the snow sends people into a panic. I do! There are many I know who are not confident driving when the roads are like this. We don't get much in our little city, but you can see it dusted on the mountains around us. It's a beautiful view, and I'm grateful that I don't need to dig myself out to drive. 

As the temperatures are dropping, many have to think through plans for keeping the water flowing and dealing with ice and frozen pipes, both in their livestock tanks and their homes. There are lots of options out there with varying degrees of work needed from you to operate them. Best Float Valve would love to help you not need to use your axes or freeze your hands and arms all winter.

The Micro Sweeper Ice Preventer and the Freeze Miser have easy install, use no electricity, and need no maintenance- ever.

We have a continuous flow and a freeze-proof option for livestock tanks that will work in any type of tank and will work with any kind of ported valve. While we certainly recommend them with Best Float Valves, they will work in lots of different situations.

In operation, the Micro Sweeper™ turns on at 41℉ and turns off at 42℉. It is a thermal sensing valve that is constantly in contact with the water and “intermittently” releases enough pressurized water to prevent surface ice, as the water temperature dictates. No more – no less.

Chris had two concrete tanks in Virginia last year. When the temperature dropped to 18°, the tank with the Micro Sweeper stayed open. The tank without was completely frozen. And it only took one installation!

Best Float Valve Micro Sweeper

We also have outdoor faucet protectors for use in homes, camps, offices, and outer facilities to keep your pipes from freezing. 

The Freeze Miser can be easily attached to any outdoor faucet. It will protect your pipes and conserve water by sensing the internal water temperature. Its activation temperature is 37°F. Until the activation temperature is attained, no water will be allowed to drip. No need to worry as you drift off to sleep if you've left the water dripping. The Freeze Miser will take care of it for you!

Freeze Miser Outdoor Faucet Protector

 Please let us know if we can serve you this winter or in any season! Check out Best Float Valve for your float valve needs.



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