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When determining what to order, our float valve kits will run successfully in any type of water tank.

Best Float Valve Kit Options:

Up to 90 p.s.i.

Up to 125 p.s.i.

Up to 45 p.s.i. These kits handle twice the amount of volume as our regular flow kits and work well with gravity flow.

 Mount Kits

Electric Float Switch Kit- This kit pairs with an electric pump and uses a sensor to turn the pump off when the tank is full. 
Air Gap Float Valve Kit- If you are concerned with back flow, this is the kit for you. These kits are Grade A Dairy Certified. 

Ice Prevention- these will attach to any of our ported valves. 

What is the best type of water trough for these valves? 

  • Our float valves will perform well in every type of stock tank- tire tanks, steel, poly tanks, and concrete troughs included.

      2. What is your inlet diameter? We have four sizes available.

      • 3/4" (regular and stainless valve)
      • 1" (regular and stainless valve)
      • 1 1/4" (regular, stainless, and high volume valve)
      • 1 1/2" (regular and high volume valve)

        3. What type of arm do you need on your valve?

        • Straight arm- the most common and can be used with tanks plumbed from the bottom and the top
        • Bent arm- for tire tanks with risers, when the inlet pipe rises higher than normal, or if you want more space 
        • 90º arm- can be mounted on a pipe coming from the side 
        • 24" valve arm- extremely high pressure

              4. Are you interested in easy water level adjustment? Our pan floats offer top-water adjustment and allow for pressure increase.

              •  Pan float Size
                Standard valve PSI max
                HiVol valve PSI max
                8" x 4" 60 psi not recommended
                8" x 8" 105 psi 50 psi
                12" x 4" 125 psi 45 psi
                12" x 6" 185 psi 65 psi 

                5. Should you order any extra parts? 

                • Poppet washers do need to be switched out occasionally. We recommend ordering a couple to have on hand. 

                  6. Is there a catalog to download? 


                  7. Do you have any installation tips? 

                  8. How quickly will they arrive?

                  • We typically ship UPS. The orders go out within 1-2 business days depending on the time of placement and the time of the UPS pickup that day. 
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