Best Float High Volume Valve Options

Best Float High Volume Valve Options

Many of our customers use pond water and/or have gravity flow into their livestock tanks. Usually this means low pressure and lots of volume, though on occasion there is significant pressure and volume. We have float valve kits to accommodate both options!

Best Float Valve High Volume Valves

There is no minimum pressure needed for our valves to flow. We actually tested the high volume and the standard 1-1/2" valve by flowing water from about 3ft high. It was a 55 gallon barrel in the back of a pickup into a stock tank that was on a stand above the ground. Mathematically that should have been less than 2psi but our gauge wouldn't even show it. They still performed well. To get an idea of flow for your place, our Best Float Valve High Volume Valve Kits run 26 gpm on a 1 1/2" line at 5 psi and 110 gpm on a 2" line at 45 psi. There are two options- either High or Low Pressure.

The high volume/low pressure kits will function from negligible pressure up to 60 psi and come in 1 1/4" in our Premium and Stainless Kits and 1 1/2" in our Premium Kits. This kit uses our High Volume Valve and our 8"x12" barrel float. Most of our customers use this one, though some need higher pressure options. 

The high volume/high pressure kits will handle up to 70-74 psi and come in our Premium Kit. This kit pairs our high volume premium valve with our 12"x6" pan float. If a stainless kit is needed, you can purchase the High Volume Stainless valve and the 12"x6" pan float separately. We always recommend the full Stainless valves for corrosive water. 

These kits are mounted from the bottom of the tank and screw into the pipe. If you want to mount it from the top of the tank to attach to a garden hose or other above-ground plumbing, our high volume valve side mount kits can come in either 1 1/4" or 1 1/2". These are made as they are ordered, so it may take longer than our normal 1-2 business days to get them out the door to you. Using the side mount kit can affect the amount of pressure it can take, so if you are pushing 50 psi, talk to us about a reinforcement of some kind. 

We have galvanized bolt pads to help keep the tank from being damaged, and many people use a piece of wood as reinforcement as well. 

The featured image is a 1 1/2" High Volume Premium Valve Kit with a Side Mount in Redding, CA. Thanks for sharing the picture, Matt! The first picture at the bottom of the page is a High Volume/High Pressure Kit, and the second is a High Volume low Pressure Kit. 

If you have questions or if we can serve you in any way, please contact us at your convenience. We would love to get you set up with durable, sustainable float valves made right here in the USA.

Best Float Premium High Volume Valve with BleederBest Float Valve High Volume Premium Kit

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