Best Float Valve Supreme Kit

Best Float Valve Supreme Kit

I don't know about you, but I really like to get the best. When I purchase something, I typically research it. I like to know what's in my products, where they are coming from, and to know that the hands that made them were treated well. 

I want something that will last a considerable amount of time. I am not trendy. I am trying to be more conscious of my footprint. Some would argue that it might not make much of a difference. 

It makes a difference to me. And lots of people making choices like me will add up. I want to contribute to a world that will be hospitable and welcoming to my children, grandchildren, and all those that follow.

Going by my standards, our very best kit would be our Supreme Float Valve Kit. This kit is our most non-corrosive kit from float to the valve. The valve comes in our male or female stainless steel valve and the float is our 12x4" pan float. We have never had the 12x4" pan float corrode!! This kit handles pressure up to 120 psi.

It could very well be the kit for you! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Check out our video.

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