Float Valve Kit (Air Gap)

  • $202.00

Our air gap float valve kit is Grade A Dairy Certified. It positions the valve above the tank in order to provide an "air gap" between the valve and water, thereby making siphoning tank water back into the water system impossible. They are dairy compliant and will function in any type of water trough. They will handle over 100 p.s.i. depending on the float. 


  • 3/4" Best Float Valve
  • Stainless Steel Lever Kit
  • Aluminum Spray Cap with screws
  • Galvanized 8" nipple
  • Galvanized 5" nipple
  • Galvanized coupler
  • Brass hose adaptor
  • 12" pan float with zinc chain.

Air Gap Float Valve Mount Options:

  • The Standard Mount Kit is available for tank lips up to 1 1/4". 
  • A Wide Side Mount Kit is available for most poly and steel tanks with up to a 2" tank lip.
  • An Adjustable Side Mount Kit is available for concrete or other tanks with a 2" - 4" lip.
  • A Tire Tank Mount Kit pairs the air gap float valve kit perfectly with tire tanks. 


  • Each air gap float valve kit can also have a barrel float substituted for the pan float. It is a more inexpensive option. Email shannon@bestfloatvalve.com if you'd like that. 
  • The Premium Kit upgrades the float chain and valve seat to stainless steel. 
  • Both the Standard and Premium air gap float valve kits are available with a manual bleeder valve installed to keep water dripping in colder weather to keep your exposed pipe from freezing.
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