Electric Float Switch Kit (Electric Float Valve)

  • $178.00

If you have an electric pump on your private well, how do you tell the pump to turn off when the tank is full? This electric float valve turns your pump off when your stock tank is full through an electric sensor. 

The galvanized switch base can be mounted to any of our side mount kits (including a tire tank mount) or on a threaded 3/4" pipe. 


  • 6" pan float
  • 18" brass rod (36" brass rod for the 12" stroke)
  • 4 aluminum lock collars
  • switch base
  • side mount bracket
  • 8" nipple (18" nipple for the 12" stroke)
  • The electric switch can operate a single-phase 230-volt pump up to 3 horsepower and 15-16 amps.
  • It can operate a 3-phase, 460-volt pump up to 1 horsepower.


  • Standard mount- for tank lips up to 1 1/4" thick.
  • Wide- for tank lips up to 2" thick.
  • Adjustable- for tank lips from 2-4" thick. (Concrete)
  • 2" stroke allows the water to drop 2" at most before turning on
  • 12" stroke allows the water to drop 12" at most before turning on 

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